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Garcinia Cambogia
Weight Loss
This is where Garcinia Cambogia received all of its international acclaim – its ability to promote weight loss. Often considered a miracle cure for obesity, this extract affects weight loss in a number of ways. Firstly, the HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia can prevent calories from being stored as fat. Certain enzymes slow down the metabolism, which is when the body “gets lazy” and starts storing calories as far. However, HCA blocks the production of these enzymes, so instead of fat, those calories are converted into glycogen, which is necessary for building muscles. This can help improve your stamina and eliminate fatigue, while also motivating you to lead a healthier lifestyle as your physical appearance begins to change.
Regulate Blood Sugar
One of the side effects of regulating the metabolism is also controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. For people suffering from diabetes, turning to Garcinia cambogia is an excellent choice as a complementary treatment, as it can ensure that there are no unexpected drops or spikes in blood sugar, which can have terrible consequences.
Eliminate Depression
The organic compounds found in Garcinia cambogia can act as anti-depressants, namely be releasing serotonin into the body, which is the “satisfaction” or “pleasure” hormone. This can work as a self-fulfilling cycle – using this herbal extract, losing weight, feeling uplifted and encouraged, and then determining to continue on and achieve the goal. This ability to stabilize the mood is based on the effect of HCA on neurotransmitters, and the lowered levels of stress, can often contribute in treating long-term depression.
And More….
Colon Cleanse Detox
COLON CLEANSE & DETOX Advanced is a 100% natural product, which cleanses the colon and the bowels of toxins and Poisons!
Low-fiber food is often part of an unhealthy diet. Without adequate fiber, digestion and the body’s ability to feel “full” are affected. Low fiber foods also linger much longer in the gut. When you cleanse the colon, this matter is flushed from the system, and, in some, may lead to significant weight loss. But, if you’re looking to lose weight, one study suggests that increasing fiber intake can help you shed unwanted pounds.
All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin end up processed by your gastrointestinal system, kidneys, and liver. If they’re not forced from your organs as quickly as possible, they can wreak havoc on your body’s systems. By releasing stagnant body waste, you reduce the causes and the risk of polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in your colon and gastrointestinal tract.
Foods that cause colon blockages are acid-forming — particularly high-protein diets without enough fiber. This leads to general malaise in the body. The colon’s tissue eventually becomes inflamed, reducing its ability to do its job, which is to allow only water, minerals and vitamins to pass into the bloodstream. If yeasts, molds, fungus, bacteria, parasites or fecal material enter the bloodstream and connected tissue, the body’s pH will be thrown out of balance.
Colon Cleanse Advanced uses only natural herbal ingredients such as Psyllium seed, Senna leaf, Turmeric, Aloe Vera and Liquorice to name only 5 of our “12 amazing herbs” in this very effective super formula, to gently but effectively remove waste matter toxins and poisons from the colon.
12 Poweful But Gentle Ingredients
Strength: Strong & Gentle
Capsule Size : 500mg
Container : Sealed Bottle
Expiry Date : 18/01/2019
Garcinia Cambogia Price $45
Colon Cleanse and Detox Price $45$
Together $45+$45= $90
PACKAGE Reduced to $75 for BOTH which is $15 off.

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