Shopping Tips

We here at eCaribSell want you to have a safe experience when using our service. As much as we have faith in our users to be upfront and honest in their transactions, it is possible that a few bad apples can find their way in. Keeping that in mind, below are a few tips to ensure that you have a pleasurable time with us:

  1. Always complete transactions face-to-face. This ensures that you get the product as advertised and exchange money. For extra safety, always ensure that you meet in a public place, and bring someone along with you.
  2. Be cautious in sending or wiring money to someone you do not know or trust. This includes never mailing a cheque or using services like Paypal, Western Union or Money Gram. These forms of fund transfers are favoured by scammers.Never provide your personal or banking information(e.g. credit card number) to others.
  3. Never send your item before receiving the money.
  4. If buying a second hand mobile phone perform a mobile phone IMEI check to see if has been reported lost or stolen. However, this check only provides details of phones reported at the time of the inquiry therefore you should also request a proof of ownership of the phone at the time of purchase.
  5. Report any attempted fraud or suspicious activity by our users. We also recommend that you report it to the Police.